Dr Masitah Shahrill

Dr Masitah Shahrill
Dr Masitah Shahrill


  • Dean
  • Senior Assistant Professor


  • D Ed (Mathematics Education), University of Melbourne, Australia, 2009
  • M Ed (Mathematics Education), University of Melbourne, Australia, 2005
  • M Sc (Numerical Solutions of Differential Equations), University of Reading, UK, 2000
  • B Sc (Hons) Mathematics, University of Northumbria at Newcastle, UK, 1999

Teaching areas in SHBIE

  • Mathematics Education, School Based Assessment

Interests, expertise and current research areas:

Dr Masitah’s research interests lies in teacher and teacher education, mathematics education, higher education, 21st Century teaching and learning, school based assessment, classroom research, and shadow education. Her current research areas are exploring shadow education in the subject of mathematics in Brunei Darussalam, connecting visual representations (such as comics) in the teaching and learning of mathematics and designing, and implementing PISA-like problems in the mathematics classrooms.

Interested in supervising students in the following areas

  • Mathematics Education
  • Teacher and Teacher Education
  • Higher Education
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment
  • Classroom Research
  • Shadow Education

Sample publications and other links

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