Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Institute of Education

As a graduate school, SHBIE offers graduate programmes featuring high quality instruction and an academic curriculum designed to raise teaching standards and support effective school systems.​ The Institute’s main purpose is the preparation of primary, secondary and technical school teachers and educational administrators. In addition, it provides introductory courses related to more specialized educational roles such as guidance and counselling, remedial teaching and curriculum design.

The Institute’s teaching programme is guided by the belief that the professional education of teachers is an on-going process. It begins with the pre-service or initial phase of training and continues throughout the teachers’ careers through their participation in upgrading and in-service courses. The Institute therefore also gives high priority to the upgrading of teacher’s qualifications and the provision of short in-service courses.


SHBIE’s vision is to develop itself into a First Class Graduate School of Education with a distinctive national and international identity.


SHBIE’s mission is to strive towards excellence in Teacher Education through the provision of high quality instruction and research, consultancy and community services to provide high caliber educators.


SHBIE upholds accountability, connectivity, excellence, integrity, and inclusiveness as its core values.

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